Check out extra resources and full-length interviews from the Power of Youth Festival
Ziauddin Yousafzai, activist, campaigner and father of Malala, speaks to to #iwill Ambassadors Waleed Khan and Sophia Badhan as part of the Power of Youth Festival in November 2020, and on World Children’s Day This interview was featured as part...
Young People in the Lead: The importance of Youth Voice Youth Voice in Funding
9-13th November should have seen world leaders coming together to act on the climate crisis at the COP26 Summit in Glasgow.   Instead, thousands of students from around the UK united online for the Youth Climate Summit, a week of climate learning, discovery and action. The Summit culminated in...
Oldham Athletic Youth Team Pledges Oldham Athletic Youth Team
A summary of findings from Our Bright Future. Research carried out by ERS and Collingwood Environmental Planning.
Find out more about how the agency works, its priorities and its work on water crisis linked to the climate crisis in this exciting webinar with Environment Agency representatives. Our Bright Future led by The Wildlife Trusts.
Spoken Word performance Mortal Fools Theatre SHE – Mortal Fool’s Ensemble Young Company Member Eliza wrote and performed monologue from a previous Mortal Fools’ show I Weigh – video recorded and edited by Eliza, late Summer 2020.
When The World Is Loud - An audio theatre experience to help you drown out the noise of the modern world
A range of resources, made by and for LGBTU+ children and young people by the young people at Allsorts Youth Project
During lockdown a group of girls came together to make a podcast about gender. In part in response to lockdown and the noted impact the pandemic would have on girls around the world. In part in response to their own interests in feminism and better representation in the media.
Mortal Fools’ Ensemble Young Company Members filmed and edited this video depicting young people’s experience with Mortal Fools engaging in our digital projects across lock down and beyond.
Allsorts of Thoughts – Podcast Allsorts Youth Project Allsorts of Thoughts is the insightful podcast made for LGBT+ young people by LGBT+ young people at Allsorts Youth Project. Covering themes from Coming Out, to Pride and Family, Allsorts of Thoughts...
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