If your question isn’t answered here you can ask one of the team for support using the live chat.

On each event page you can see buttons to ‘Add to My Tickets’ - click on one of the buttons. They both take you to the same place!

Now find your basket (on the top right on a desktop and within the menu on a phone or tablet).

Fill-in the form with your details then select ‘Place Order’ (at the bottom of the screen). Don’t worry, all Power of Youth Festival events are FREE!

Re-visit the event page to add it to your calendar (there’s a button to do that). Finally, tell your network you’re going and share the event on social media. There are share buttons below the event description!

For sessions run by Partners, there are either links to their meetings and events, or the broadcast will be ready to view as soon as you arrive on the event listing.

Nothing! Every event during the festival is free thanks to our generous sponsors for making the Festival happen.

We have a live chat function that you’ll spot in the bottom left corner of the main Festival webpage. You can access live support from the Power of Youth Festival team there.

First, try refreshing the event page. If that doesn't work, close your browser and re-open the Power of Youth Festival site. Make sure you 'checked-out' your ticket for each event you want to attend.

Audience members simply go to the event listing page at the scheduled start time and the broadcast will appear on the page. If you can’t see it, make sure you have registered for the session and ‘checked out’ your free ticket. Once you’ve done this, refresh the page and you should see the broadcast.

If you are presenting in one of the sessions you will need to join in a different way. You have been sent a Tech Briefing by someone from the Power of Youth Festival. This has detailed joining instructions and contact details in case you’re stuck! If you’re not sure, send us a message in the Live Chat at the bottom left hand corner of the main Festival page.

If you have a technical issue we suggest you close the page and re-open it, then re-visit the event listing where you should be able to join again.

If that doesn’t work, please chat to us in the Live Chat area and we will try and troubleshoot with you.

If you lose connection and you’re a presenter, find your Tech Briefing that has been sent by the Power of Youth Festival team (it will have come via email from Organised Fun). There are extra contact details in your briefing.

Absolutely! You're welcome to watch sessions, chat and ask questions. Let us know where you're tuning in from using #PowerOfYouth and #iwillWeek

You can watch the event afterwards as the recordings will be online until Christmas. You don’t need to inform us that you can’t attend.

You don't need to do anything - because all tickets are free, it doesn't matter if you check out for the same event more than once.

All of the highlight sessions run directly by the Step up to Serve team will be recorded and available to view after they’ve happened. We are adding subtitles to them after they’ve broadcasted so if you’d like to watch with subtitles we recommend you check out the sessions a few days after they’ve broadcasted live.

Sessions are also hosted by partners of the #iwill Campaign. Not all of these will be recorded, but most will. Contact the hosting organisation to find out if they plan to record it.

There is a chat area and Q&A for every session. It’s best to pop your questions into the Q&A area, then the Moderator can spot it easily.

We have tried to make time for questions to be answered in every session, but if we run out of time you can ask your questions on #PowerOfYouth or #iwillWeek and we will try and get it answered!

Everyone who has registered on the Power of Youth Festival website will have a login and be able to chat during each session.

We have Moderators in every session making sure the chat is appropriate. If someone is being inappropriate or abusive they will be moderated and unable to attend any other events during the Festival.

When the broadcast recording is on the event page, you won’t need to login to watch it. Just go to the event page and you’ll be able to see the recording. A few days after the scheduled event there will be subtitles for every session. These take a few days to get sorted out.

The best way to do this is to share the event listing page. We’ve created buttons to make this really easy! You just need to scroll down the event listing and find the ‘Share this event’ buttons. You can choose which social media you share it on!

There’s also some social media assets within the Get Involved section of the Power of Youth Festival website.

We’d love for you to join the conversation online! You can share your thoughts, pictures and ideas on #iwillweek #PowerOfYouth

Where are you joining from? What do you think of the event? What does the phrase ‘Power of Youth’ mean to you? Which events during the Festival are you most excited about?

Get chatting!

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