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Power of Youth Festival

Over the past seven years, we have built a movement for change through the #iwill campaign.

Over 1000 organisations and 700 young people supporting the campaign are transforming the way children and young people are viewed by society, and championing the positive role they play within it.

Thanks to the collective efforts of #iwill campaign partners, more organisations and young people across the UK are working together to grow the Power Of Youth.

Each November, since 2014,  #iwillWeek celebrates the work of #iwill  partners, and the children and young people of our nation doing youth social action.

The Power of Youth Festival took place in #iwillWeek 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. It was so important to recognise the achievements of our young people in the face of the pandemic and question why they are still being left out of so many conversations.

You can watch the entire festival again from the comfort of your own home –  be challenged by young activists and learn from organisations. All sessions were, and remain, free to attend.

Together we’ll take the #iwill movement to the next level.

Learn Challenge Lead
Since 2014, annual #iwill Weeks have brought together thousands of individuals and organisations to champion young people as leaders of change. During #iwillWeek 2020, we asked young people and organisations to...

LEARN from each other’s progress across different sectors and nations:

  • Share your stories of, and what you’ve learnt about the #PowerOfYouth on your social media channels (including by inviting a young person to takeover your social media), on your website, in the press and/or by running an event during #iwillWeek

CHALLENGE yourself and others to empower more children and young people to get involved in social action:

  • Provide a platform for young people you work with and your organisation leaders to challenge those they think should be doing more to embrace the #PowerOfYouth. Share some honest reflections on what more you’ll be doing in your organisation or in your life to grow the #PowerOfYouth.

LEAD by signing up to the Power of Youth Charter to take the #iwill movement to the next level:

  • Share your commitments and encourage others to sign up using the graphics in the pack below.
Loads of resources were provided to help people celebrate and take part in the week. You're very welcome to access the below for any purpose:

‘How-to’ Guides to help you run an event, record videos, write blogs, do vlogs and write case studies if you want to create new content for the week. Remember, #iwillWeek is also a chance to share or re-use stories about social action that you want to shout about again.

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