Our Bright Future and Environment Agency Webinar

Our Bright Future and Environment Agency Webinar

Our Bright Future led by The Wildlife Trusts

Climate change is impacting our water environment. We need to ensure our rivers, lakes and coastal waters are healthy and there is plenty of clean water for people and nature.

This webinar discusses the value of water with people whose work is all about improving the environment. The Environment Agency helps people and wildlife adapt to climate change and reduce its impact to flood risk, drought, sea level rise and coastal erosion.

Find out more about how the agency works, its priorities and its work on water crisis linked to the climate crisis in this exciting webinar with Environment Agency representatives.

The second in our series of webinars with the Environment Agency took place on 16 September 2020. This session included an informative section on employability, providing a great opportunity to hear from people in a variety of roles at the Environment Agency. There was also a discussion on the Environment Agency’s Challenges and Choices consultation, which focusses on the choices and changes we all need to make in order to tackle the challenges facing our waters.