Maya Ghazal

Maya Ghazal

Aviation Engineering student, pilot & public speaker

In 2015, Maya Ghazal fled Damascus leaving behind her home and started a new life in the UK where she is currently studying Aviation Engineering at Brunel University in London. Maya now dreams of becoming the first female Syrian refugee pilot.

A recipient of the Princess Diana Legacy Award, Maya is a prominent advocate for refugee rights and has been supporting UNHCR since 2017. Maya consistently uses her voice to try and dispel the negative rhetoric around the word “refugee”.

Maya has spoken at events across the world including a UNHCR reception at the Palace of Westminster, the global Social Forum on Education, the WE Day youth empowerment forum, and was a Co-Sponsor of the Education session at the first ever Global Refugee Forum in 2019.

In 2019 Maya gave a powerfully inspiring speech at TEDxPalaisDesNationsWomen in which she smashed stereotypes and offered five solutions to better understanding refugees and why we should invest in their limitless potential

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    November 19, 2020
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