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 We amplify youth voice , support youth participation and empower youth leadership. Why? To empower youth voices to not only be heard but also acted upon. What?  Founded by James Cathcart in 2017 YVH is part ‘movement’ for change; part ‘platform’ to hear young voices; and part ‘consultancy service’ – all working to promote and support greater youth engagement in public life and institutions. We offer support to young people to be more effective changemakers, leaders, advisors, trustees, designers, entrepreneurs, writers, volunteers, campaigners, and elected representatives. Not only ‘campaigning’ for more young voices to be heard, but also providing youth participation support services on a not-for-profit basis. In 2020 we launched a new Social Enterprise to enable us to operate more sustainably. Our trading arm Young Voices Heard Ltd undertakes both not-for-profit projects as well as commissions to generate a surplus that can be reinvested in training and mentoring young leaders and recognising of success. We also launched the Quality Mark project and YoungVoiceNow interview series, in response to the #iwill PowerofYouth challenge from young people to ‘listen, invest and work with’ them.

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    November 17, 2020
    Are you as an organisation wondering how to best involve young people in decision making or a young person wanting to know how to get involved in a trustee board or how best to use your voice? If so this is the session for you.